Nike Kiss My Airs tote bag


Supreme Creations recently collaborated with Nike, the Overkill Store in Berlin and the Amen store in Munich to create these safari and leopard print canvas tote bags.

The safari print was made popular by Nike’s Air Jordan Sports shoes and their Air Max range, and has been used on everything from football boots to street trainers to baseball caps.

The bags are printed with the infamous slogan ‘Kiss my Airs’. They are made of heavy canvas material and have been specially dyed. The print is done in our special 3d puffy print technique, which means the ink is extra thick, and "puffs up" to make the design jump off the canvas. (0)23 600 3245


Se siete alla ricerca di una borsa eco-compatibile in cotone o in tela, con una stampa semplice, oppure se avete bisogno di una borsa premium noi possiamo aiutarvi. Siamo proprietari sia della manifattura che del dipartimento di design, cosicché possiamo produrre borse shopper di tela e cotone in ogni forma, colore o misura.
Hai bisogno di aiuto? Contattaci al numero italiano +39 0236003245 oppure via email or

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